TP304,TP316 Stainless Steel Pipe

TP304 Stainless Steel Pipe is widely used can withstand corrosion in general construction,also can resistant to etching medium food processing (but containing concentrated acid and chlorides components may corrode high-temperature state),resistance to organic compounds,dyes and wide variety of inorganic compounds.Type 304L (low carbon),has good resistance to nitric acid and durable medium temperature and concentration of sulfuric acid,it is widely used as a liquid gas tank,cryogenic equipment (304N),other consumer products appliances,kitchen equipment,hospital equipment,transport tool,waste water treatment apparatus.
TP316 Stainless Steel Pipe contain higher nickel than TP304 Stainless Steel Pipe,also containing 2% ─ 3% molybdenum,it has better corrosion resistance than TP304,especially for the chloride media which caused to corrode.TP316 Stainless Steel Pipe has been developed as a sulfite pulp machine,because it is durable and sulfuric compounds. Moreover, its usage has been expanded to deal with a lot in the process industry chemicals.
TP317 Stainless Steel Pipe containing 3% to 4% molybdenum ,it contains more  chromium than TP316,it have a higher resistance to corrosion pitting and cracking.
TP430 contain lower alloy content than TP304,it is used as high polish decorative purposes in the mild atmosphere.
Type 410 stainless steel pipe has the lowest alloy content in the  general purposes.

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