The Production Process Of High-frequency Welded Steel Pipe

High-frequency Welded Steel Pipe production process primarily depends  on product variety,It needs to go through a series of processes from raw materials to finished products,the completion of these processes needs of a variety of mechanical equipment and welding,electrical controlling,detection device,such equipment and fittings in accordance with the different processes,The process requires a variety of reasonable arrangement,The process of High-frequency Welded Pipe Steel Pipe is as follows: open coil- strip leveler – head and tail Cut – strip butt – looper hopper – forming – welding – Clear glitch – sizing -testing – fly cut – initial inspection – tube Straightening – pipe section processing – hydraulic test – flaw detection – printing and coating – finished.
Large pipe and special requirements pipe need to increase the strip edge processing board testing,post-weld annealing,To improve the quality of the high-frequency welded steel pipe,mainly depends on the continuous improving forming units.To obtain good quality of the molding,there must be a reasonable way of molding and excellent molding equipment to ensure.
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The price changing Of High-frequency Welded Steel Pipe

Size(mm) Material Origin Price(USD/Ton) Change Note
Ф27*2.5 ASTM A53 Zhonghai 663 - Spot
Ф33*3.0 ASTM A53 Zhonghai 656 - Spot
Ф48*3.25 ASTM A53 Zhonghai 637 - Spot
Ф114*3.75 ASTM A53 Zhonghai 635 - Spot
Ф165*4.0 ASTM A53 Zhonghai 660 - Spot

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