The Manufacturing Of API 5L X52 PSL1 Carbon Line Pipe

1, Size: 323.8 x 11.13 x 10000-12000mm API 5L X52 PSL1 Carbon Line Pipe
2, Applicable standard and grade: API 5L making PLS1 Spec.
3, Grade: X52,the product analysis and melting analysis are conformed to  API Spec 5L PSL1
4, Steel pipe rolled by Continuous casting billet,the quality of continuous casting billet should be consistent with YB/T4149-2006 standards.
5, The tensile strength of API 5L X52 PSL1 Carbon Line Pipe shall be in accordance with the API Spec 5L specified in table
6.Bending:4mm/M,Overall Length:≤2‰
7.Processing for the end of the pipe:The pipe end beveling shall not exceed 1.6mm
8.The surface quality of line pipe:the inner surface of line pipe shall not have cracks,folding,rolling reduction,separation,scarring and other defects,these defects should be completely removed,the remaining wall thickness shall not be less than the negative deviation
9.Nondestructive testing:Inspection Lever L4
10.Water Pressure:each line pipe should make pressure data,the minimum test pressure should be 22MPa,the testing time should not less than 5s
11, API 5L X52 PSL1 Carbon Line Pipe size deviation should comply with the provisions of table a.

Size   The Deviation of Diameter The Deviation of Wall Thickness
323.8×11.13   End of The Pipe Body of The Pipe
Hot Rolling Control "-1.3mm ~ 1.3mm "-2.0mm~+2.0mm 10.5mm~12.5mm
Product Inspection "-1.6mm~+1.6mm "-2.4mm~+2.4mm 10.3mm~12.79mm

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