The Classification of The Elbow

Now I speaking about the classification of the elbow,by its radius of curvature points,can be divided into long radius elbows and short radius elbow.
Long radius elbow It has a radius of curvature equal to 1.5 times the pipe diameter, i.e., r = 1.5d. The short radius elbow refers to its radius of curvature equal to the outer diameter of the tube, i.e., r = d.Wherein d elbow diameter,r is the radius of curvature.
Pressure rating,about seventeen,and the pipe standard in the United States are the same:the sch5s,SCH10S,sch10,SCH20,SCH30,SCH40S,std,sch40,sch60,sch80s, xs; sch80, sch100 sch120 sch140, sch160 XXS, the most commonly used, wherein both std and xs. At the angle of the elbow 45o elbow, elbow 90o and 180o elbow. In this way the type of the elbow is a lot of orders when orders often take the following representation: such as LR std 90o 8 denotes a long radius, pressure rating for std, 90o elbow;Another example,SR XS 45o 4 for short radius, pressure rating is xs, 45o elbow. Rough breakdown of the elbow.
Three links,there are two.Three ports equal to the diameter for diameter tee,both ends of the same diameter,but the diameter of the bus side with two different diameters is called reducing tee. Expressed as follows: Equal Tee, such as t3 Tee 3-inch diameter is equal tee. For reducing tee, such as t4 × 4 × 3.5 with diameter four inches Reducing the 3.5-inch reducing tee. Pressure levels and pressure rating of the elbow are the same, the scope of the specification is the same.
The size of the first,but also the points system.Representation of the size of the first bulk of the diameter multiplied by the small diameter,for example,8 × 6 indicates that the bulk of the diameter is 8 inches,the size of the first small diameter is 6 inches.

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