The Advantages of ERW Steel Pipe

Surface Advantages Of ERW Steel Pipe
One of the biggest advantages of electrical resistance welding in the manufacturing of pipes(ERW Steel Pipe) is the fact that only the tube ends are heated and fused together during the process. Because of this, the entire length of the pipe remains clean and the only parts that require trimming or cleaning are the points at which it is welded. This minimizes the post-weld cleaning process because only the high points of the welded tube ends require any grinding or trimming.
Dimensions Of ERW Steel Pipe
Another advantage of ERW Steel Pipe is the fact that the only change in dimension throughout the length of the pipe occurs at the welded seam points, which are ground away. This leaves a clean, flat seam that runs the entire length of the tube and standardizes the dimension throughout. This makes the installation of the ERW Steel Pipe much easier in a constricted area.

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