St44 Carbon Steel Tube

1).Comodity:St44 Carbon Steel Tube
2).Standard Executived:DIN1629
4).Outside Diameter:13.7mm-406mm
5).Wall Thickness:1.65mm-60mm
6).Length:3m-12m,also can be manufactured according to customers'requirements
8).Coating for protection:Anti-rust oil,black paint or varnish,2PP/3PP Anti-corrision,2PE/3PE Anti-corrision
Anti-corrosion Carbon Steel Tube generally refers to ordinary steel pipe anti-corrosion treatment using a special process, the pipe has a certain anti-corrosion ability, general used for waterproof,anti-rust,anti-acid,oxidation and other characteristics,3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe are widely used in the oil,natural gas,city gas,city water supply,coal-water slurry pipelines etc.
9).Test equipments:X-ray detector,ultrasonic wave detector,hydrostatic tester,tension tester,metallurgical analyzer and physical&chemical lab,etc.
10).Application: Widely used in oil,chemical industry,electricity,boiler industry of high-temperature resistance,low temperature resistance,corrosion resistance in pipelines,etc.

Chemical Of St44 Carbon Steel Tube

Material Tensile strength (MPa) Yield strength (MPa) Elongation (%)
St37.0 350~480 ≥235 ≥25
St44.0 420~550 ≥255 ≥21
St52.0 500~650 ≥270 ≥21
Material C Si P、S
St37.0 ≤0.17 / ≤0.04
St44.0 ≤0.21 / ≤0.04
St52.0 ≤0.22 ≤0.55 ≤0.04

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