ST37/ST44/ST52 Cold-Drawn Seamless Pipes

The method for making ST37/ST44/ST52 Cold-Drawn Seamless Pipe involves taking a round "billet" or bar of steel and boring it in the center, turning it, cutting it, heating it to make it more pliable, then "drawing" it (extruding or pulling it) to make it a longer and thinner tube. As the tube cools,"cold working" begins.Cold working involves pulling the tube over a stationary die and a mandrel.This increases the pipe's hardness and improves its surface condition and grain structure while reducing the ST37/ST44/ST52 Cold-Drawn Seamless Pipe to the desired size and thickness.
1)ST37/ST44/ST52 Cold-Drawn Seamless Pipe Sizes:18mm-141mm x 2m-30m
3)Steel Grade:ST37,ST44,ST52
4)Surface:Slightly oild,black painted
5)Marking:As per customer's requirement
6)Packing:Caps on two ends of every pipe,hexagonal shape bundles wrapped with strong steel trip or according to customers'requests
Our selling ST37/ST44/ST52 Cold-Drawn Seamless Pipe Market:South Asia,North Asia,Middle East,South America,North America,Europe

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