Production of Cold Drawn Steel Pipe

What is the Production of cold drawn steel pipe
Production of cold-rolled,cold drawn steel pipe can be cold-rolled,cold drawn,cold-drawn,cold-rolled mixed production.Using cold drawn processs,it has advantages of simple equipment,low investment,easy operation and maintenance.But the drawback is that it has complex process and low rate finished product.Cold rolling process is more complex,and more investment, but it could reduce intermediate process and improve the finished product rate,The seamless steel pipe products have accurate size and high surface,especially for high-precision seamless steel pipe and very thin-walled seamless steel pipe.
Due to the limit quantity and cost of the mill roll grooved,product specifications can not be too much;The finished products of joint production in cold-rolled and cold drawn process have good quality, short processing cycle time,reduce intermediate skim,heat treatment,faint,straightening,saving energy,reducing metal consumption, less raw material.
The steel pickling can be used such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, mixed acid, hydrofluoric acid. Carbon structural steel and alloy seamless steel pipe can use the sulfuric acid pickling,high-quality carbon structural steel and quality alloy steel precision seamless tube is preferable to hydrochloric acid,steel pipe containing chromium Cr and Ni-Ni alloy should be used mixing sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid,stainless steel pipe is preferable to hydrofluoric acid pickling

China Zhonghai Steel Pipe is producing cold drawn steel pipe,cold rolled steel pipe,EN10305 cold drawn steel pipe,DIN2391 cold drawn steel pipe.

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