Information of Hot Rolled Steel Plate

Hot rolled steel plate is a flat plate-shaped,rectangular,it can be directly rolled or cut from wide strip.
According to the thickness of steel plate,the thin wall thickness steel plate <4 mm (thinnest 0.2 mm),thick wall thickness steel plate is from 4mm to 60 mm,much thick wall thickness steel plate is from 60 to 115 mm.
it is devided into hot-rolled and cold method for processing.
The width of thin steel plate sheet is 500mm to 1500 mm,the width of thick plate sheet is 600mm to 3000 mm. Steel sheet can be devided into ordinary steel,high-quality steel,alloy steel,spring steel,stainless steel,tool steel,heat-resistant steel, bearing steel,silicon steel and industrial iron sheets, also can be devided into drums with the board, enamel panels, bulletproof plate, etc.according to the professional usage,regarding the surface coating,it is also devided into galvanized sheet,tin plate,lead-plated sheet metal,plastic composite plate and so on.

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