Galvanized Steel Pipe Price Quotes of Tianjin Market in 19th,April

The price of galvanized steel pipe keeps steady in most of mill in China,some of them decrease litter today,China Zhonghai Steel Pipe Manufacturing can process steel pipes in galvanizing,it becomes hot dipped galvanized steel pipe.

 Analysis The Price Of Galvanized Steel Pipe

Item Size(mm) Nominal Diameter Material Origin Price(RMB/MT) Change Notes
Galvanized Steel Pipe Φ27*2.5 1.063"*2.5mm Q195-Q215 Lida 5080 - Spohe t
Galvanized Steel Pipe Φ114*3.75 4"*3.75mm Q215-Q235 Lida 4570 - Spot
Galvanized Steel Pipe Φ165*4.0 6"*4.0mm Q215-Q235 Lida 4810 - Spot
Galvanized Steel Pipe Φ27*2.5 6"*2.5mm Q195-Q215 Juncheng 4850 - Spot
Galvanized Steel Pipe Φ114*3.75 4"*3.75mm Q215-Q235 Juncheng 4260 - Spot
Galvanized Steel Pipe Φ165*4.0 6"*4.0mm Q215-Q235 Juncheng 4480 - Spot
Galvanized Steel Pipe Ф27*2.5 6"*2.5mm Q195-Q235 Zhengyuan 4710 -20 Spot
Galvanized Steel Pipe Ф114*3.75 4"*3.75mm Q195-Q235 Zhengyuan 4220 -20 Spot


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