ASTM A53 Standard Steel Pipe

ASTM A53 Standard Steel Pipe is the America devided into A53-F  A53-A, A53-B. The production processes of ASTM A53 Standard Steel Pipe: billet → heating → perforation→ Three roller rolling→​​detached → sizing → ​​cooling → ​​straightening → ​​hydrostatic test → mark → storage. Cold Drawn Production processes: billet → heating → perforation→ ​​annealing → pickling → ​​oiled → pass cold drawing → ​​blank pipe → heat treatment → straightening → ​​hydrostatic test → mark → storage. The surface roughness of cold drawn steel pipe and average of wall thickness is better than hot rolled steel pipe
ASTM A53 Standard Steel Pipe Applications
boiler hot water conveyance.
Machining,bearing sleeve,processing machinery and other accessories.
gas transport,water,power generation fluid line.
Wind power plants antistatic tubes

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