ASTM A335 Alloy Steel Tube

ASTM A335 Alloy Steel Tube are mainly used in power plants, nuclear power, high-pressure boiler,high temperature superheater and reheater high-pressure high-temperature piping and equipment, it is made of high-quality carbon steel,alloy steel and heat-resistant stainless steel,it is produced in hot rolled (extrusion,expansion) or cold drawn.
Alloy Steel Tube (Alloy pipe) is kind of seamless tube,The performance is much higher than normal seamless steel tubes,because it contains higher Cr components,The high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance performance make it become the excellent material among the steel tube filed.

Comparision Of ASTM A335 Alloy Steel Tube

Material Tension Test(MPa) Yield Test(MPa)
P2 385 210
P12 410 225
P23 510 405
P91 580 415
P92  620 440
P122 625 400


Brife Introduction Of ASTM A335 Alloy Steel Tube

Standard ASTM A335
Diameter 18mm-426mm
Thickness 3mm-38mm
Length 5M-12M

Boiler Tube, Drill Tube, Fluid Tube, Gas Tube, 

Hydraulic Tube, Oil Tube, Structure Tube


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