ASTM A179 Heat Exchanger Steel Tubes

ASTM A179 Heat Exchanger Steel Tubes is Cold drawn seamless carbon steel tube
1.Heat Exchanger Steel Tubes Standards: ASTM A179 (ASME SA179)
2.Applications: heat exchangers, condensers, heat transfer equipment and similar pipes.
3.ASTM A179 Heat Exchanger Steel Tubes Grade: A 179
4.ASTM A179 Heat Exchanger Steel Tubes Specifications: diameter 10.3 to 114 mm; thickness: 1.2 to 30 mm; length: 6 m and above; and, modified specifications according to customer requirements.
5.Packing:Hexagonal bundles of max. 2,000kg with 6 steel strips bundles, black paint coating,beveld ends or plain.Caps both ends.
6.Delivery tollerance:+-10%,or +-8% or +-5%of total quantity and amount.
7.ASTM A179 Heat Exchanger Steel Tubes Test:Chemical Component Analysis,Mechanical Properties(Ultimate tensile strength,Yield strength,Elongation),Technics Properties(Flattening Test,Bending Test,Hardness Test,strike Test,etc), Exterior Size Inspection, Nondestructive Test,Hydrostatic Test.
8.Heat treatment:BK, BKS, GBK, NBK,Stress Relief, Normalizing, Spheroidize Anneal, Annealing, Bright Annealing, Normalized, Quenched and Tempered, Solution Annealing, etc.

Chemical Analysis and Mechanical Properties Of  ASTM A179 Heat Exchanger Steel Tubes

Chemical analysis [%]
C Mn S P
0,06 – 0,18 0,27 – 0,63 ≤ 0,035 ≤ 0,035
Mechanical properties
Rm min [MPa] ReH min [MPa] A [%] Hardness [HRB]
325 180 35 72 max


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