ASTM A106 Cold-drawn Seamless Pipes

The method for making ASTM A106 cold-drawn seamless pipes involves taking a round "billet" or bar of steel and boring it in the center,turning it,cutting it,heating it to make it more pliable,then "drawing" it (extruding or pulling it) to make it a longer and thinner pipe. As the pipe cools,"cold working" begins.Cold working involves pulling the pipe over a stationary die and a mandrel.This increases the pipe's hardness and improves its surface condition and grain structure while reducing the pipe to the desired size and thickness,according to Michigan Seamless Pipe.
Length:Single and double random,or as customers' requirements
ASTM A106 Cold-drawn Seamless Pipes Surface Treatment:Black paint as rusty protect, capped ends
ASTM A106 Cold-drawn Seamless Pipes Ends:2"below plain ends,2"above beveled ends,threaded ends available
Packing:In bundles of max 3 tons each, tied in 6 points with steel wire, each with two slings at the ends for lifting during loading and discharging operations.but for big sizes ,no bundled
Industrial Processes:140mm below cold drawn,140mm above hot rolled,273mm above hot expand
ASTM A106 Cold-drawn Seamless Pipes Industries Served:Structure Use,water transport,Building,Machinery,Traffic,Aviation,Oil development and so on

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