API SPEC 5L Steel Line Pipe

API SPEC 5L Steel Line Pipe standard used in oil and gas transmission,Steel line pipe are divided into international standards, national (regional) standards,industry standards,corporate standards.Such as ISO 3183 is a international standard,GB/T 971l is the national standard,API SPEC 5L considered the industry standard,DNV OS-F101 can be considered to be industry standards or enterprise standards, Developed by West-East Branch: XQl5-2003 is corporate standards,it is possible to divided into two categories: one is limited to the standard of steel pipe products such as API SPEC 5L,GB / T 9711,ISO 3183;the other is the pipeline system standards such as DNV OS-F101,CSA Z662 standards,in addition to the steel pipe products as part of the standard content, the standard also relates to other parts of the pipeline system, such as pipeline design, installation, and even the operation and maintenance and so on.API SPEC 5L Steel Line Pipe,GB / T 9711,DNV OS-F101 are used in our oil and gas transmission pipe technical standards.

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