API 5L Steel Tube

API 5L Steel Tube(Cold Drawn) is used for mechanical structure,hydraulic equipment,high dimensional,Cold drawn API 5L Steel Tube is better in the accurate and surface.
Size: 10mm to 965mm (size below 89mm is cold drawn,above is hot rolled)
Ends: Beveled,threaded,square cut
Packing:Black painted,capped ends,both ends beveled or plain end,bundled  with steel strip
Delivery Time: Within 15 Days or negotiable
Payment Terms: CIF/CNF/FOB/CFR
We could quote net unit prices,applicable discounts and best possible delivery time.
Product catalog  along with Shipping weight & dimensions must be provided.

Some Reference Of API 5L Steel Tube

Product Name Size Product Name Size
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 10*1.5、2、2.5 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 12*1.5、2、2.5
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 14*1.5、2、2.5 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 16*1.5、2、2.5
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 18*2,2.5,3 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 19*2、2.5、3
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 20*2,2.5,3 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 21*2,2.5,3
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 22*2,2.5,3 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 25*2、2.5、3
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 27*2,2.5,3 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 28*2,2.5,3
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 30*2,2.5,3 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 32*2,2.5,3
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 34*2,2.5,3 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 36*2,2.5,3
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 38*2,2.5,3,4 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 40*2,2.5,3,4,5
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 42*3,3.5,4,5 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 45*3,3.5,4,5
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 48*3,3.5,4,5 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 50*3,3.5,4,5
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 51*3,3.5,4,5 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 57*3,3.5,4,5
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 60*3,3.5,4,5 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 63.5*3,3.5,4,5
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 68*3,3.5,4,5 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 70*3,3.5,4,5
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 73*3,3.5,4,5 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 76*3,3.5,4,5
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 80*3,3.5,4,5 API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 83*3,3.5,4,5
API 5L Steel Tube(Thin Wall Thickness) 89*3,3.4,4,5    


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