API 5L Small Diameter Seamless Pipe

We have professional and strictly producing control system on Seamless Pipe as below:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           a.Before Formed pipe: Assurance of compliance Review of Sub-vendor ;quality plan,Review of samples certification (MTC),Chemical analysis,Tension &Mechanical tests
b.Formed pipe:NDT operator qualification,Eddy current testing,Ultrasonic tesing
c.Finished pipe :MT testing for Edge of Pipe(If Exist),Visual examination,Thickness measurment (Continous Ultrasonic),Inside/Out Side/Lenght dimension control.,Straightness,Visual & Dimention check of edge,Weight control,Marking,Material & NDT retest (if required)
d.Ready for delivery:Protection coating,Certificate of compliance,Packing check,Shiping mark and number check
China Zhonghai Steel Pipe Manufacturing Corporation is producing API 5L Small Diameter Seamless Pipe,API 5L Carbon seamless pipe.
1. Scope:API 5L Small Diameter Seamless Pipe
2. Specification:12mm-168mm*1mm-30mm
3. Product:API 5L Small Diameter Seamless Pipe to be used as column pipes,water pumps or oil,gas transfer.
4. Condition:Each pipe with plain ends or beveled ends.
5. Other Requirements:Additional requirements such as bending,flattening test, hydrostatic tests and nondestructive tests as required by API 5L specification are acceptable.
6. Workmanship, Finish and Appearance:All API 5L X42 Black Seamless Pipe  of one batch are be of alike quality,without cracks,or other injurious defects.
7. Certificate:supplying a test report showing results of test specified in API 5L standard.
8. Packaging and Protection:Material are be separated by size,composition, grade or class and be preserved and packaged seaworthy.

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