API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing

API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing(also known as CDS) offer precision tolerances in diameter and wall thickness compared to hot rolled seamless tube,and offers stronger physical properties compared to other mechanical tubing.Seamless Tube with a diameter * wall thickness in millimeters.It devide into hot rolled and cold-drawn in processing method.
Normally small diameter seamless tubing are produced in cold drawn method,it can be divided into hot-rolled pipes,cold rolled tubes,cold drawn tube,extruded tubes, hot rolled seamless tube can produce in automatic tube rolling machine

Information of API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing

Commodity  Name API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing 
Standard API 5L
Outer Diameter 13.7mm-88.9mm
Wall Thickness 1.65mm—15.25mm
Length 2m—12m
Material Gr.B,X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,X70
Brand Name Zhonghai

Size Of API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing

Name Diameter Thickness
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  10.3 1.24,1.45,1.73,2.41
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  13.7 1.65,1.85,2.24,3.02
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  17.1 1.65,1.85,2.31,3.2
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  21.3 1.65,2.11,2.41,2.77,3.73,4.78,7.47
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  26.7 2.11,2.41,2.87,3.91,5.56,7.82
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  33.4 2.77,2.9,3.38,4.55,6.35,9.09
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  42.2 2.77,2.97,3.56,4.85,6.35,9.7
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  48.3 2.77,3.18,3.68,5.08,7.14,10.15
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  60.3 2.77,3.18,3.91,5.54,8.74,11.07
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  73 3.05,4.78,5.16,7.01,9.53,14.02
API 5L Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing  88.9 3.05,4.78,5.49,7.62,11.13,15.25



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