API 5L Carbon Steel Pipes/Black Steel Pipe

API 5L Carbon Steel Pipes/Black Steel Pipe (line pipe specification) is a specification developed by the United States Petroleum Institute.The specification only for steel products,including pipeline design,selection and installation.Traditionally the technical requirements of API 5L Carbon Steel Pipes/Black Steel Pipe is more reasonable,taking into account the technical requirements of the pipeline steel and the factory production possibilities,but to the technical requirements in the development of the the relative pipeline and pipe technology, API 5L seems relatively loose,It has been rarely used alone on the applicable to pipeline project.

Items Of API 5L Carbon Steel Pipes/Black Steel Pipe

Product API 5L Carbon Steel Pipes/Black Steel Pipe
Standard API 5L
Outer Diameter 21.3mm-914mm
Wall Thickness 2.11mm—59.54mm
Length 4m—12m
Material Gr.B,X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,PSL1,PSL2
Usage  line pipe in petroleum and natural gas
Delivery Time 15 Days or negotiable
Payment Terms T/T ,L/C
Surface Treatment Black painted for corrosion resistance 
Certificates API 5L,ISO,CE,PED,UKAS

API 5L Carbon Steel Pipes/Black Steel Pipe is the general products in this standard,API SPEC 5L is a universal standard,geography,climate and other natural conditions vary widely all over the world,the nature of the transmission medium is not the same,so a lot of the nature of the oil companies require API are not the same,But they take the API SPEC 5L as a basic standard.and the API 5L standard can meet the requirments of oil and gas transimission.

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