Alloy Tube Material,Alloy Tube Performance Standards,Usage of Alloy Tube

Steel Type: Alloy Tube
Alloy Tube Material: 12cr1mov,p22 (10crmo910),t91, p91, p9, t9 wb36, cr5mo
(p5, stfa25, t5,),15crmo (p11, p12, stfa22),13crmo44, cr5mo, 15crmo, 25crmo, 30crmo, 40crmo
Alloy Tube Standard:DIN17175-79,JISG3467-88,JISG3458-88,GB5310-95,GB9948-88
ASTM A335/A335m,ASTM A213/A213m
Alloy Tube Application: petroleum,chemical,electric power,boiler industry high temperature,low temperature resistance,corrosion resistance seamless

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