A106 Black Seamless Tube

We are peculiarly known as one of the leading A106 Black Seamless Tube Manufacturers and exporters in China.Moreover,we manufacture high tensile strength A106 Black Seamless Tube.In addition,we offer seamless steel products at very reasonable prices.
Our range is widely demanded in various industries like automobile,engineering,gas,marine and petroleum.For meeting the variegated requirements of our clients,we offer these pipes and tubes in various specifications.

Details Of A106 Black Seamless Tube

Size Diameter:1/8 inch to 36 inch  Thickness: sch5 to schxxs
Surface Galvanized or Coated
Technique Hot Rolled and Cold Drawn
Type Round Pipe 
Material ASTM A106 GR.B
End Plain,beveled,with end cap

Size Of A106 Black Seamless Tube

Size Size Size
1/8”x Sch40 1”x Sch40 3”x Sch40
1/8”x Sch80 1”x Sch80 3”x Sch80
1/8”x Schxs 1”x Schxs 3”x Schxs
1/8”x Sch160 1”x Sch160 3”x Sch160
1/4”x Sch40 1-1/4”x Sch40 4”x Sch40
1/4”x Sch80 1-1/4”x Sch80 4”x Sch80
1/4”x Schxs 1-1/4”x Schxs 4”x Schxs
1/4”x Sch160 1-1/4”x Sch160 4”x Sch160
3/8”x Sch40 1-1/2”x Sch40 5”x Sch40
3/8”x Sch80 1-1/2”x Sch80 5”x Sch80
3/8”x Schxs 1-1/2”x Schxs 5”x Schxs
3/8”x Sch160 1-1/2”x Sch160 5”x Sch160
1/2”x Sch40 2”x Sch40 6”x Sch40
1/2”x Sch80 2”x Sch80 6”x Sch80
1/2”x Schxs 2”x Schxs 6”x Schxs
1/2”x Sch160 2”x Sch160 6”x Sch160
3/4”x Sch40 2-1/2”x Sch40 8”x Sch40
3/4”x Sch80 2-1/2”x Sch80 8”x Sch80
3/4”x Schxs 2-1/2”x Schxs 8”x Schxs
3/4”x Sch160 2-1/2”x Sch160 8”x Sch160


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