127mm Welded Tube

Process of 127mm welded tube
Prepare the surface area of the pipe by sanding or grinding the metal until the black coating is removed. Clean the area with a shop towel to remove loose material.
Position the two pieces of pipe together and use a clamp to hold them in place. If welding a single pipe, clamp the pipe on both ends to secure it in place.
Attach the ground cable of the MIG welder to the work area using the alligator clip at the end of the ground cable.
Put on the welding helmet and insulated gloves.Position yourself above the work area.
Hold the welding torch directly over the area to be welded. Allow the wire to stick out 3/8 inch from the torch. Begin the weld by creating a weld pool. A weld pool is a puddle of melted metal that will form from the heat of the torch.
Hold the torch at a 15-degree angle to the weld pool. Drag the weld pool along the seam of the pipes until the weld is complete.
Allow the pipe to cool.Clean the weld with wire brush to remove weld splatter and rough edges.
1) Commodity:127mm Welded Tube
2) Process Method:Cold Drawn/Cold Pilfered /Cold Rolled
3) Surface Finish:Pickled/annealed/polished
4) Standards:ASTM A53 GrA&B/F1083/A500/A513, BS1387/EN10255-EN10240/EN10219-EN10240/EN10224-EN10240/EN10208-EN10240/EN39/JIS G3444
5) Welded Tube Size:1/2"-12"(21.3MM-323.9MM),102mm,127mm,152mm.
6) Welded Tube Length:Max.13 meters ( as per customers requirement )
7) Applications:Our products are extensively applied in Water Supply, Heat Supply,Petrol,Chemical Industry,Foodstuff processing,Medicine,Aviation,Environment protection.
8) Packing:With Double PVC Weaving Sheets Or Outer packing:Seaworthy plywood cases.

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